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A recent Wall Street journal article once again validated the need to look at investment issues off Wall Street, and from a global long-term level.  The article listed the worst performing stocks of 1000 large U.S. companies over the past 10 years.  On first thought, one might think that this list would be full of the technology bombs and biotech failures that have made the headlines.  But it turns out that most of the worst performers were solid, middle America stalwarts.  They include names such as Toys R Us, Louisiana-Pacific, AT&T, Eastman Kodak and Owens-Illinois.

For the most part, these companies were, and many still are, Wall Street darlings.  What Wall Street missed because of their short-term focus were the global Social, Economic and Political changes that were making these companies obsolete.

With the assistance of our Board of Advisors, focusing on long term Social, Economic and Political themes (SEP’s) will help us from investing in the dinosaurs of tomorrow, and finding the rare opportunities for superior investment returns.  As we have said before, “You have to get out of the water to see the river.”


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